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We’re an AI-driven sports media distribution company creating original sports video content that maximizes sales.

How It Works

We specialize in creating original sports-centric videos.

No other media company creates its own content and refreshes it daily for our Publishers. These original sports videos, viewed through our proprietary video player, are refreshed with 3-5 new videos every 24 hours.

  • CMC’s collaborative platform uses high-quality video content, created by CMC and made available to Publishers and Advertisers through our exclusive media player.
  • Publishers receive 3-5 new videos per day that are sports-centric, team-centric, and/or player-centric.
  • These videos are appended with ads based on our Advertisers’ targeting requirements.
  • Advertisers set targeting parameters and select specific Publishers within CMC’s network.
  • Utilizing the site’s customized dashboard, Advertisers create campaigns by selecting specific content that aligns with their product or service and embeds their ad to a pre-roll, mid-roll, and/ or post-roll ad position within the video.
  • Advertisers can make real-time campaign optimization using CMC’s sophisticated backend analytics.

Who We Serve

Cloud Media Center brings Publishers, Sports Video Producers, and Advertisers together under one virtual roof.

This collaborative platform optimizes workflow from video production to a targeted distribution of ad-appended video content. We have developed a customized dashboard for each vertical equipped with advanced, real-time analytics for highly efficient and effective campaign management.

Our ability to distribute ad-appended video content to a mircotargeted audience of sports enthusiasts is what sets us apart.

CMC Video Player

Get in the game of next-gen sports media distribution with fresh, hard-hitting content running through out proprietary CMC Video Player. Each week, you get a sneak peek of recently produced sports video content.

Video is the MVP of the
Digital Marketplace

Cloud Media Center Has
You Teed Up for Success

Publishers and Advertisers need video to succeed. That’s why CMC sources and creates original premium content in short-form and long-form video- covering football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and more -featuring both male and female athletes from the highest reaches of the sports world.

You Get Sideline Access to
ALL of CMC's Video Content

Aside from all of the original high-energy, star-studded sports video content that CMC Sports creates, you will also have access to all of CMC’s other Sports Video Producers. That’s sideline access to more than 2,000 of the most celebrated athletes in the world.

Start Winning
in the Sports World

We have deep relationships inside both the professional and the collegiate ecosystems. With insider groups’ rights to alumni, teams, conferences, and most-of-all superstar athletes, your connection to the sports world just got tighter.

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