About Us

Cloud Media Center (CMC), was founded in 2021 as a sports video media company. Joining together in Ponte Vedra, Florida, Jay Handline and Bob Portrie wanted to combine their business expertise with their love for collegiate and professional athletics, while tending to the need for a unique platform that offers custom sports content in the digital advertising world.

The mission at Cloud Media Center is to provide a unique and effective monetization platform for Publishers, Advertisers, and Sports Video Producers centered on custom sports video content. Whether you’re a Sports Video Producer, Advertiser, or Publisher, CMC will cover all your bases.

Our Core Values


By using our unique technology we aim to bring together the best part about sports, the fans. Our distinctive platform improves the fan experience and unites everyone, no matter who you’re rooting for.


Our commitment to being cutting-edge in the sports digital advertising industry means we are always looking to discover new approaches to help you attain your goals.

Think Big

Here at Cloud Media Center, we are constantly pushing the boundaries and looking for the next play. We challenge our beliefs of what’s possible to better meet our customers’ demands.

OUR Team

Meet the team members who are running the plays at Cloud Media Center.

Bob Portrie

Chairman and CEO

Jay Handline


Sri Ravi Bandaru

Chief Technology Officer

Jay Hoffman

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas "TJ" Fraser

Head of Legal

Sarah Villella


Amelia Bailey

Social Media Manager / Editor

Hari Kolla

Head of Development