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With unique exclusive access to more than 2,000 top-tier athletes, we produce original, high-quality sports content and distribute it to micro-targeted audiences using a sophisticated, AI-driven platform.

the winning formula

Through partnerships with sports-focused content producers, CMC offers a powerfully efficient one-stop shop for digital advertisers. Our premium, all-original content is delivered to a 100% sports audience through our high-powered digital distribution network as well as across OTT and CTV platforms.


Original, High-Quality Content

Unlimited access to hundreds of short-form and long-form videos in a sortable database equipped with well-defined content categories and keyword searchability.

Custom Branded Content

Original branded content developed through an all-inclusive process that includes talent and procurement management and content distribution.

Digital Distribution Network

100% college/pro sports audience with content distributed to 500+ college and university fan sites plus bonus distribution via partners like Sports Illustrated, SB Nation, McClatchy and Yahoo Sports.

Addressable TV Capabilities & CTV Distribution

CMC offers linear addressable TV capabilities. That is, the ability to deliver different ads to different households watching the same program. Addressable TV enables advertisers to shift from targeting programs to targeting audiences. Our OTT video content streams directly through the internet and can be delivered through CTV. Our content can also be accessed from connected mobile devices and computers mirroring “device agnostic” capability.

Real-Time Analytics

Back-end reporting with drilled-down details including the most comprehensive “Video Diagnostic” analytics in the marketplace for maximized ad revenue and ComScore, Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics integration.

Display Inventory

Display inventory provides cost-effective reach and crucial scale for digital advertisers. CMC offers display inventory, such as leaderboards and skyscrapers, across multiple channels, including desktop and mobile, opening the door to cross-device reach and exposure.

Ad-Insertion Inventory

Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ad placements tied to existing video clips featuring superstar athletes across football, basketball, baseball and soccer.

Engaged Audience and Powerful Distribution Channels

Extensive distribution capabilities reaching microtargeted “opted-in” consumers translating into high click-through and conversion rates.

OTT Partnership and Distribution

Access to content-aligned advertising and sponsorship inventory in original 30-minute and 60-minute shows on OTT platforms, including Roku, Crackle, Tubi, Fubo Sports Network and STIRR.

All-Inclusive Dashboard

Customized all-inclusive dashboard provides overarching “mission control” that eliminates the logistical nightmare of managing an array of different dashboards and platforms. CMC streamlines and consolidates your processes into one single all-inclusive dashboard.

Ad-Supported and Programmatic Services

Fully automated, programmatic advertising to streamline your campaigns at the highest level of security. Your ad placements are automatically bought through the CMC platform with minimal hands-on effort from the advertiser. This provides solutions to the buy-side with a more sophisticated, efficient approach.

Powerful Proprietary Media Player

CMC‘s best-in-class HTML5 proprietary media player provides fast, flexible, powerful capabilities to give advertisers the competitive edge they need to succeed in an increasingly crowded digital marketplace: (1) Leverage the highest-quality global content across a year-round array of sports, including football, baseball, basketball, soccer and more. (2) Deliver a seamless, optimal viewing experience across multiple devices. (3) Maximize revenue.


Through our distribution partners, we reach a one-hundred percent sports audience that the CMC platform micro-targets by drilling down into specific locations and demographics. By example these are the demographics of one of our content producers:

Adults 18-49

53% of
total population

Male 18-49

57% of
age group

Female 18-49

43% of
age group


12% of
total population

Gold Mine of High-Impact, Star-Studded Content

CMC aggregates all-original, high-quality, athlete-featured content and makes it available in a rich, expansive content library equipped with well-defined categories and keyword searchability.

First, CMC makes its inventory available to advertisers for pre-roll and mid-roll ad insertions.
Second, CMC makes the ad-appended content available to its team of sports-aligned publishers to distribute — and share in rev-share dollars.

Taylor’d — Hosted by Taylor Bisciotti, NFL Network Anchor

One of CMC’s hottest, most popular new content concepts — currently in production for the kickoff of football season — is “Taylor’d,” featuring NFL Network Anchor Taylor Bisciotti, who sits down, one-on-one, with A-list football players to discuss the biggest matchups of the season, team schedule breakdown, players to watch, Super Bowl predictions, personal training regimens, and more.


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