CMC Continues to Build Its Video Distribution Footprint, Onboarding a Diverse Mix of Local, Regional, National, and International Sports Publishers


PONTE VEDRA, FL, October 30, 2023 –– Cloud Media Center (CMC) has announced the addition of nXlvl as a new team member. nXlvl is at the intersection of collegiate sports and digital innovation, with a pioneering software platform designed for athletes by athletes. This collaboration alters the game between modern technologies and athletics.


“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome nXlvl to our team given their well-known status in the sports community,” CMC President Jay Handline said. As a seller of video ad inventory, CMC is aware of the value of such scale and enthusiasm among sports fans, who rely on nXlvl for its innovative platform.


Founded in 2020, nXlvl is revolutionizing the ways in which fans and athletes interact, cooperate, and bond. With adherence to NCAA rules, nXlvl is poised to transform how athletes interact with brands, make money off of their skills, and interact with fans.


The fresh new partnership is advantageous to nXlvl as well as Cloud Media Center. nXlvl offers CMC a platform with enthusiastic athletes and a highly engaged national sports audience. CMC Sports offers its own media player and carefully crafted, high-definition video content for sports enthusiasts to generate income for the nXlvl website and app.


“CMC Sports can provide custom video featuring any sport, team, conference, league, or association, that’s what makes us unique,” said CMC Chairman Bob Portrie. “We are so excited about this latest addition to our CMC Sports network as this popular app brings the latest and most relevant opportunities for athletes.”

















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