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CMC provides publishers with unlimited access to the hottest sports video content online. Through our national network of content producers and advertisers, CMC is your pipeline to high-quality, ad-embedded sports content to distribute across your publications. CMC publishers share in the revenue generated from the ad-appended content distributed.

the winning formula

CMC understands content is king. We deliver the hottest, highest quality sports video in the marketplace. One of our partners, CampusLore, produces high-energy, star-studded content through its inside access to more than 2,000 of the most celebrated athletes in the world — male and female collegiate stars that have gone on to amazing heights as professionals.

Revenue Share — Accelerated Payment Option (APO):

Fast, Full-Service Monetization
Join CMC’s elite group of sports publishers and reap immediate rewards:

  1. Guaranteed monthly ad rev-share dollars
  2. Fast rev-share payments through CMC’s industry-leading Accelerated Payment Option (APO)

CMC's pioneering Accelerated Payment Option is changing the industry from the inside out, speeding rev-share payments to publishers for the ad dollars they generate on our platform. CMC publishers have the option of signing onto a plan that provides accelerated payments based on a monthly impression true-up. CMC’s APO shields publishers from 60- to 90-day rev-share delays from advertisers, which translates into much shorter-term carrying costs.

All-Inclusive Platform and Dashboard

CMC provides a rich, fully searchable library of the hardest-hitting sports content online. CMC's end-to-end platform equipped with a customized publisher dashboard serves up real-time analytics and drill-down detail to give you all the tools and data to maximize views and CPM. CMC will consolidate your process and reduce the need for separate agreements with an array of content producers.

Powerful Proprietary Media Player

CMC‘s best-in-class HTML5 proprietary Media Player provides fast, powerful capabilities to give publishers the competitive edge they need to succeed in an increasingly crowded digital marketplace:

  1. Choose from an array of content formats — from one-minute video clips to hour-long live shows — through a simple URL login
  2. Leverage integrated ad support to dramatically increase yield and fill rate
  3. Reduce OVP costs with no licensing, storage or serving fees

Key differentiators

  1. Our platform allows users to retrieve and upload videos through a simple URL login.
  2. Our Virtual Movie Theater enables users to invite visitors to view their custom video.
  3. Our proprietary Media Player has built-in header bidding, which drives monetization and reduces latency.
  4. Our publishers get unlimited access to CMC’s fully searchable database of the most compelling sports content out there plus they’ll share in the revenue generated from the ads pre-appended to the content they distribute.
  5. Our partners/publishers will have the option of signing onto a plan that gets them paid immediately with CMC’s industry-leading Publisher Accelerated Payment Option.


Through our distribution partners, we reach a one-hundred percent sports audience that the CMC platform micro-targets by drilling down into specific locations and demographics. By example these are the demographics of one of our content producers:

Adults 18-49

53% of
total population

Male 18-49

57% of
age group

Female 18-49

43% of
age group


12% of
total population

Gold Mine of High-Impact, Star-Studded Content

CMC aggregates all-original, high-quality, athlete-featured content and makes it available in a rich, expansive content library equipped with well-defined categories and keyword searchability.

First, CMC makes its inventory available to advertisers for pre-roll and mid-roll ad insertions.
Second, CMC makes the ad-appended content available to its team of sports-aligned publishers to distribute — and share in rev-share dollars.

Taylor’d — Hosted by Taylor Bisciotti, NFL Network Anchor

One of CMC’s hottest, most popular new content concepts — currently in production for the kickoff of football season — is “Taylor’d,” featuring NFL Network Anchor Taylor Bisciotti, who sits down, one-on-one, with A-list football players to discuss the biggest matchups of the season, team schedule breakdown, players to watch, Super Bowl predictions, personal training regimens, and more.


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