CMC Continues to Build Its Video Distribution Footprint, Onboarding a Diverse Mix of Local, Regional, National, and International Sports Publishers


PONTE VEDRA, FL, SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 ––Cloud Media Center (CMC) recently gained another spot on the roster, announcing the newest addition, Buccaneers Fan. BuccaneersFan.com brings the energy and fanbase that CMC always aims for. The internationally recognized site provides all the latest updates on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as scheduling and other fan favorites. CMC Sports can provide custom videos featuring any sport, team, conference, league, or association, making them a star player in the industry.


“We are so ecstatic to Buccaneers Fan to our family. Their well-known status as a website in the NFL community will greatly benefit our company and we look forward to working with them,” CMC President Jay Handline said. As a seller of video ad inventory, CMC is aware of the value of such scale and enthusiasm among Tampa Bay fans, who rely on Buccaneers Fans for its thorough, year-round team coverage.


BuccaneersFan.com is an internationally recognized fan website with over a million views annually. Delivering up-to-date news and content for all things Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this site is a one-stop shop for all your needs dating back to. With over two decades under their belt, BuccaneersFans.com is a tried-and-true site.


“CMC Sports can provide custom video featuring any sport, team, conference, league, or association, that’s what makes us unique,” said CMC Chairman Bob Portrie. “We are so excited about this latest addition to our CMC Sports network as this popular site for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers brings the latest and most relevant news for their respective fans.”


Both BuccaneersFan.com and Cloud Media Center both gain from the unique new partnership. Buccaneers Fan gives CMC access to a large, passionate national sports audience as well as a reputable NFL partner. The Buccaneers Fan website receives revenue from CMC Sports through the use of a dedicated media player and high-quality video content created especially for Tampa Bay supporters.



















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