Our Product offerings

At Cloud Media Center, we don’t just create, produce and publish content, we also offer other products that can help you win big.

In-Video Display

CMC and its partners provide a next-generation Ad Tech solution in our In-Video Display ads. Discover the scalable In-Video ad opportunities that generate organic display advertising in a non-disruptive consumer experience that allows continuous video play while monetizing display ads simultaneously. Advertisers are able to deliver In-Video Display ads through contextual targeting identifying keywords and sentiment with our expanded demand stack. This generational ad revenue enhancement tool allows Publishers to be paid twice, once for the video ad and once again for the In-Video Display ad.

CMC will continue to enable new tools that will provide better consumer experiences while at the same time improving Publisher monetization outcomes. Our In-Video Display ads are configured to interface with video content and will be augmented with In-Picture Display further positioning these tools for exponential growth in the years to come. This new solution allows for Advertisers to serve ads within any picture located anywhere throughout the site thus greatly improving monetization. Simply put, more ad impressions served related to In-Picture Display Ads equals even more revenue.

CMC is dedicated to new tech innovation and as such is dedicated to new product development that will ultimately improve the consumer experience while simultaneously enhancing Publisher monetization opportunities.

User Engagement Tools

CMC and its partners provide a unique User Engagement Toolset that provides additional revenue generation for both video ads and display ads through interactive user experiences. Improving the consumer experience on your site is the key to improving user engagement. Positive experiences create the most meaningful and deepest connection with your brand and a higher likelihood of time spent on-site with a desire to return. Our User Engagement Tools help the Publisher to identify content that the consumer finds useful, compelling, and engaging by developing personas through the use of our interactive tools which include calculators, polls, questionnaires, and gamification.

Premiums features include:

  • Interactive user poll questions that highlight the user preferences and interests related to common audiences. Polling allows the Publisher to determine consumer interests relative to the sports content that is most meaningful to them thus creating a relationship between the fanbase and the Publisher brand.
  • Promotional tools that identify and highlight the most interesting and newsworthy sports articles and/or site features that fanbases best identify quickly expanding engagement with the consumer while increasing time spent on-site.
  • The CMC fanbase engagement experience will reach new highs by providing interactive trivia games where the consumers’ sports knowledge and passion motivate continued involvement. Dedicated knowledgeable fans with a passion for sports history, statistics, facts, and rivalries make this interactive experience a favorite of sports fanbases.

Connected TV (CTV)

CMC works with leading Publishers to deliver cutting-edge connected TV solutions:


CMC is a distributor of 24/7 CTV apps and streaming FAST channels across platforms and apps. We help increase the value of a sports video producer’s video assets across the entire CTV.

We provide services to create and monetize CTV video inventory through partnerships with app development platforms, leading CTV ecosystems, and FAST platforms. Our premium video advertising marketplace process hundreds of millions of impressions per month and is connected to every major programmatic demand source.

CMC can assist with channel development/management, programming, playout, monetization, and more.

Channel & App Development & Programming:
Accessing audience and revenue in the CTV marketplace requires a dedicated team, strong technical capabilities, a significant and refreshed content library, programming expertise, and much more.

CMC has been building distribution channels across the digital video ecosystem since 2007. With a robust network of channel partners and the technology backbone to support content across every major CTV platform, CMC provides solutions for media companies & content providers to leverage their video assets to generate revenue through CTV.

Work with CMC to get your content distributed on your own Connected TV app.

Opinion Poll

The Squareoffs, Cloud Media Center’s Video Opinion Poll/Question of the Day product features an easy-to-create contagious content format that is a great way to foster engagement from your fans, by voting, commenting, and creating debates on a wide range of topics. Take interaction to the next level with custom-generated companion videos to add context, entertainment value, and revenue. Videos include regularly updated original content from our partners at Cloud Media Center. CMC and its Partners will enable Opinion Poll functionality to be embedded into stories and articles, packaged together or separately on a polls page, or featured on one of our partner websites which aggregates user-generated debates and trending content across a growing network of creators.

Companion Banner

CMC’s Companion Banner ads are image ads that run at the same time as your video or audio ads. They are a great way to extend the reach of your video ads by encouraging viewers to take action. CMC’s Companion Banner feature allows Advertisers to select and prioritize which of their products are featured for Ad campaigns. This optional feature lets Advertisers show specific products for specific campaigns.

CMC’s Companion Banner feature provides functionality that allows for custom-generated images for the banner. Companion banners appear next to the ad, above or below. When a user clicks on the companion banner, they’ll go to a website URL that is associated with the Banner Ad. Widget configurations for Desktop and Mobile will be set up according to the Publisher’s preferences.