eSports is Attracting Attention

While eSports is a relatively new industry, it is growing rapidly and CMC Sports is on board.

CMC Sports believes in the eSports new wave opportunity. The eSports industry is not new (it has been around since the 1990s) but has only recently begun to gain significant traction. eSports today is a multi-billion-dollar industry with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

As a product of this sports and gaming enthusiast movement, CMC has developed video production capabilities delivering a user experience that replicates real life. CMC Sports turns online sports gaming into a “spectator sport”. CMC Sports video production mimics the experience of watching a professional sporting event, except instead of watching a physical event, publisher members watch the video version.

While eSports has become a lucrative industry generating hundreds of millions of dollars in profit, CMC Sports aligns with the user base popularity that allows it to function much like other sports and industries. eSports is prolific for the advertisers and partners that are featured alongside the video-reenacted games.

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