CMC Continues to Aggressively Campaign to Build Its Video Advertising Platforms, Maximizing Ad Revenue of the Sports Sites in Its Network

PONTE VEDRA, FL, March 3, 2023 –– Cloud Media Center (CMC) welcomes Engine Media Exchange (EMX) to its roster of video advertising platforms —a leading SSP with “end-toend” technology and programmatic solution, with published preliminary results demonstrating the usefulness of utilizing data at the SSP level.

“Our recent alliance allows us to make the most of everything that EMX has to offer, and we couldn’t be more honored to welcome them to our team,” CMC President Jay Handline said. CMC is always looking for new SSP partners to help it extend and diversify its digital portfolios.

The monetization of Cloud Media Center’s unique, studio-quality CMC Sports programming, which features college and professional sports, teams, and players, is a key component of the company’s winning strategy. EMX and other SSPs sell digital advertising inventory and provide programmatic ad fill.

The demand for CMC’s business model emanates from the ever-growing number of premium sports sites that have joined CMC’s digital network. The startup is continuously bringing new publishers on board every week — from Notre Dame fan sites to the Kansas City Chiefs!

CMC collaborates with online sports publishers in the United States and other countries to create original video content using the company’s platform and exclusive HTML 5 media player. CMC works with SSPs such as EMX to sell video ad inventory and increase advertising revenue for the sports websites in its network. Cloud Media Center divides monthly ad revenue with its online sports publishers through a simple rev-share agreement. Revenue is driven by SSPs.

According to CMC Chairman Bob Portrie, “EMX has precision targeting, increased scale, and precampaign projections, including CTV and omnichannel environments in addition to the global reach CMC seeks for in a partner. EMX will be one of our important stakeholders as we work to maximize the revenue of our publisher sites.”

EMX joins Aniview and Unruly, among others, on CMC’s A-list roster of SSPs.

Based in Ponte Vedra, FL, Cloud Media Center (CMC) sells digital advertising inventory through a cloud-based, analytically driven distribution platform that seamlessly connects advertisers with content providers and publishers. The result maximizes collaboration — unleashing next-level ad campaign synergies. CMC’s next-gen platform and best-in-class dashboards — built by former Intel developers — provide AI-based microtargeting on the frontend, and real-time, easy-to understand analytics on the back end. Content producers, advertisers, and publishers will have all the tools and data needed to optimize campaigns — and do it with speed and granular accuracy. Visit the CMC website here.