CMC rolls out “game-changer” Accelerated Payment Option (APO) that gets publishers paid rev-share dollars faster than ever before

PONTE VEDRA, FL, August 19, 2021 –– Cloud Media Center (CMC), emerging as a powerhouse in the sports-video distribution space, is expanding its publisher network by guaranteeing publishers monthly advertising rev-share dollars. CMC offers what publishers need most in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace: fast, full-service monetization, including a one-year publisher commitment resulting in 7-digit ad-revenue share.

CMC’s industry-leading rev-share model, the “Accelerated Payment Option,” speeds revshare payments to publishers for the ad dollars they generate on the CMC platform. Publishers have the option of signing onto a plan that provides accelerated payments based on a monthly impression true-up. The APO is extremely attractive to small- and midsize publishers that have historically been saddled with months of debilitating carrying costs.

“Our unique rev-share model is changing the world of digital publishing from the inside out,” said CMC President Jay Handline. “Our Accelerated Payment Option shields publishers from advertiser payment delays, which can be as long as 120 days, making for much shorter-term carrying costs. We’re changing the rules of engagement by leveling the playing field, making the way for healthier competition.”

CMC is putting a premium on building the most expansive sports-aligned publisher network in the marketplace. According to Handline, the company has a robust, ongoing publisherrecruitment effort in place. “Expanding our publisher network is one of our highest priorities,” Handline said. “We understand that even the greatest, highest quality content doesn’t do anybody any good without publishers to show it to the world.”

Bringing content producers, advertisers, and publishers together under one virtual roof, CMC’s collaborative platform optimizes the workflow continuum from video production to targeted distribution of ad-appended content.

CMC’s ability to distribute ad-embedded video content to a microtargeted audience of sports enthusiasts is what sets the start-up apart. CMC ensures ads are viewed by the right people, which results in high click-through and conversion rates for advertisers.

Cloud Media Center (CMC), based in Ponte Vedra, FL, sells digital advertising inventory through a cloud-based, analytically driven distribution platform that seamlessly connects advertisers with content providers and publishers. The result maximizes collaboration — unleashing next-level ad campaign synergies. CMC’s next-gen platform and best-in-class dashboards — built by former Intel developers — provide AI-based microtargeting on the frontend, and real-time, easy-to-understand analytics on the backend. Content producers, Peter Wendel, Media Contact 202-380-5120 advertisers and publishers will have all the tools and data needed to optimize campaigns — and do it with speed and granular accuracy. Visit the CMC website here.